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Things recommended to play paintball :

  1. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to get dirty. You should wear dark clothing with long sleeves. Don’t worry about the paint as it will wash out easily during normal washing. Paintball requires you to run, crawl, crouch and kneel.
  2. Wear a cap for protection
  3. Running Shoes and Socks. Shoes are acceptable but soccer boots are highly recommended for better grip. No Slippers, Crocs and the likes are allowed.
  4. Protective Elbow and Knee Pads. (Optional) Recommended to protect your elbows and knees.
  5. Gloves (Optional) Recommended to protect your hands.
  6. Clean set of clothes to change after game.
  7. Bring Insect Repellent as the game is played in a rubber plantation.
  8. Bring some snack and LOTS OF WATER. We have drinks available for sale. Stick to water, juice or sports drinks. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT ALL TIME.
  9. Bring spare money for extra paintballs. We accept cash and NETS only.
Bring your Driver License or IC for age verification. All players must be 18 years and above. Minors below 18 must have our waiver signed by their parent or guardian. Proof of age is required.


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Guest alan says:
2014-08-01 04:02:45
anyone knows if they are still even operating at all? they don't answer my calls nor emails
Guest alan says:
2014-07-21 03:14:48
Hi may i know what is the concept about? What is speedball and what is recball? How do you play? Scenario as well.
Guest cmei says:
2014-07-17 00:45:46
May i know this 27th july gt open and how much per game?

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