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  1. Registration of players
  2. Safety briefing including of safety procedures, Rules of Conduct and Game itself.
  3. Technical briefing will be given by our experienced staff to ensure the players have a good working knowledge of the equipment.
  4. Walk the field.
  5. Players are issued with safety gears e.g. face mask and body protector (vest)
  6. Loaded markers are issued.
  7. Players test their equipment.
  8. Teams are lead into the field.
  9. The referee starts the game.
  10. Game last for 15 minutes.
  11. The referee calls ‘GAME OVER’ and the game ends.

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Guest Franc says:
2014-04-16 07:48:34
Hi, we have a group of 16 pax aduts to play at your Taman Impian Emas place, on 3rd may, how do we make the bookings, how do we go about doing also/ thanks
Guest Izzat Pauzi says:
2014-04-15 10:51:15
Hi I have a question. How much for 7 to 8 people to play paintball for the 2 games that was 17 years old at Taman Impian Emas ?
Guest Grace says:
2014-04-06 06:34:22
Hi, I would like to check do u have any package for 50pax paintball? Would u be able to drop me an email @ to discuss in details. Looking at May 2014. Thanks! Grace

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