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What Is Paintball
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History of paintball
Types Of Game
Strategies and tactics
Paintball marker
Face mask
Co2 Tank
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Hoppers are the means by which a paintball player keeps their marker fed with ammunition, much as magazines are to a regular rifle. With few exceptions, hoppers are all mounter above the marker, and most use gravity as the ultimate force to get the balls in the marker. That is to say, if most hoppers are turned upside down, the marker will not be fed with balls. There are two main types : Gravity feed and agitated feed-ers


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Guest alan says:
2014-07-21 03:14:48
Hi may i know what is the concept about? What is speedball and what is recball? How do you play? Scenario as well.
Guest cmei says:
2014-07-17 00:45:46
May i know this 27th july gt open and how much per game?
Guest Draft says:
2014-07-09 08:05:05
Hi, May i know if u are operating on Hari Raya

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