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The modern CO2 tank is the staple of recballers and fields across the United States. The extensive use of CO2 along with the increased appearance of fill stations are retail outlets, along with its reasonable cost, makes it a choice for thousands of players. Understanding CO2 is essential to understanding your marker, potential upgrades, and your own safety when playing.

Remember, CO2 is a liquid and a gas, and your tank might be filled with a combination of the two at any given time. Please play responsibly and use a chronograph for casual play. CO2's proneness to fluctuate in velocity makes it extremely important that you keep marker speeds in check!

When liquid CO2 enters the valve of your marker, it can cause erratic velocity spikes and damage o-rings. This is mostly characterized by pieces of CO2 "ice" coming out of the marker. This "ice" does not melt, but will sublimate (turn into a gaseous state immediately) and is very cold.

How do you avoid getting liquid into the marker? Many blowback guns come with angled ASAs to tip the marker backwards and help keep CO2 from going through the airline into the marker. You can take this even farther by holding your marker upside down, with the barrel pointing upwards. This keeps the liquid at the rear of the tank. An anti-siphon tube can be installed, which helps to only allow air into your marker. An expansion chamber or regulator can be purchased and installed on your marker as well.

What do you do if CO2 has entered the marker? Try holding it upside down and point your barrel toward the sky, at a sharp angle. Fire your marker around 10 times until the visible white jets decrease and you stop seeing "snow t; exiting your barrel. Then just carry your marker upside down to prevent more CO2 from entering. You want to make this a practice, especially when playing "outlaw" ; ball. Since chronographs are (unfortunately) often overlooked, liquid CO2 usually raises the velocity of the ball substantially. A marker chr onographed with air at around 290 Feet Per Second could chrono in at 315 when shooting liquid CO2.

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